Fallkniven DC4 vs DC3 – Review

So you’re thinking of buying a diamond/ceramic sharpening stone (or whetstone) for your axe or knife. And you’ve narrowed it down to the Fallkniven DC4 or DC3. That’s great! These are both solid, high-quality sharpening stones and will serve you well. They do have a few differences, though, and this article is dedicated to providing … Read more

Best Brush Axes and Billhooks for Clearing and Chopping

Best Brush Axe & Billhook Brush axes and billhooks are great tools to clear thick brush, bushes, and saplings without using loud chainsaws, hedge trimmers, or other power tools. These tools have a long history and have been used for thousands of years around the world. Whether you’re cutting through a backwoods trail or just … Read more

Best Lumberjack Axe for Competition and Racing

Best Lumberjack Axe for Competition and Racing While lumberjack axes have mostly been replaced by chainsaws and other heavy machinery in forestry, the lumberjack tradition is still alive and well in competitions. It’s a true test of skill and endurance, as chopping through big pieces of wood as fast as possible is no easy task. … Read more

Best Tactical Tomahawk

Tomahawks are great tools for many purposes – bushcrafting, self-defense, axe throwing competitions, even for hunting and in emergency situations. Tactical tomahawks take the traditional wood-handled tomahawk design and take it to the next level – more durable and sometimes with more features – such as a pick or hammer on the back or poll … Read more

Best Bushcraft Axe for the Great Outdoors

Best Bushcraft Axe for the Great Outdoors in 2021 Bushcrafting and going into the woods is an activity that is hundreds of years old and closely and brightly linked to the national histories of North America. Going into the woods for a couple of days or a couple of weeks is growing in popularity, especially … Read more

Types of Axes and Their Uses

Types of Axes and Axe Heads – Uses, Design, History There are many types of axes and axe heads. They each have their own design, purpose, and history. While it would be almost impossible to write about all of them, this is a guide to the most common and popular types of axes out there. … Read more