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At Awesome Axes, our founder Michael Culligan brings his authority and expertise to the forefront to educate and inspire enthusiasts about the incredible versatility and time-honored history of the axe. Michael has dedicated himself to sharing his profound knowledge and appreciation for this elegant and ancient tool with a broader audience, elevating the understanding and passion for axes among fellow enthusiasts.

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Michael Culligan

With a lifelong passion for axes that began at my grandparents’ country house, I have cultivated a wealth of experience in wood splitting, axe throwing, and lumberjack competitions. As an authority in the field, I am proud to present this website dedicated to educating visitors about the versatile uses of axes and providing in-depth reviews on axes, hatchets, tomahawks, and other lumber tools, including sharpening stones.

Our mission is to offer our readers honest evaluations of each product, empowering them to make informed decisions when purchasing new axes or hatchets.

As a seasoned expert in chopping wood, I understand the importance of having a sufficient supply of firewood to keep a home warm. Over the years, I have gained extensive knowledge in felling trees, chopping wood, storing and seasoning firewood, and properly maintaining and caring for axes.

A lover of the outdoors, I am also an avid collector of vintage axes, boasting an impressive collection of rare and unique restored pieces. I hope to share my expertise and enthusiasm for axes and lumber tools with a wider audience through this website.

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Kendall Casey

Kendall is an accomplished outdoor adventure freelance writer with extensive experience and wilderness exploration expertise. Her deep passion for the great outdoors drives her to share her love for nature with others, inspiring them to embrace the beauty of the wilderness. As a devoted bushcraft enthusiast, Kendall enjoys hiking, camping, and kayaking, immersing herself in the natural world.

A familiar face on the Delaware River, Kendall can often be found navigating the rapids during summer weekends in her vibrant kayak. Her wealth of knowledge and firsthand experiences make her an authoritative voice in outdoor adventure, offering invaluable insights to those seeking to explore the wild.

You can see more of Kendall’s published work for Outforia and her own personal site.

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