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Awesome Axes is run by me, Michael Culligan. I created this project as a way to share my interest in the simple, elegant, and ancient tool that is the axe with other people.

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Michael Culligan

I’ve enjoyed using axes ever since I first split wood at my grandparents’ country house. I became a big fan of axe throwing and lumberjack competitions.

This website is dedicated to informing people about what you can do with an axe and how to do it, as well as to reviews of some specific axe and axe-related stuff, such as sharpening stones. I also focus on hatchets, tomahawks, and other lumber tools.

My aim is to provide our readers with an honest evaluation of each product we review so they can make informed decisions when purchasing a new axe or hatchet.

When it comes to chopping wood, I take things seriously.

When I grew up having enough firewood to keep the house warm was crucial. Through this time I learned a lot about felling trees, chopping wood, storing and seasoning firewood, and proper maintenance and care of axes.

I enjoys spending time outdoors, and am an avid collector of vintage axes. I have a large collection of rare and unique restored axes.

Through Awesome Axes I am trying to feed this knowledge and experience back to the readers to help them solve their own axe related problems.

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Kendall Casey

Kendall is an outdoor adventure freelance writer who is deeply passionate about sharing her love of the wilderness with others. Kendall is a bushcraft enthusiast and enjoys her time outside hiking, camping, and kayaking as much as possible.

You can find Kendall on the Delaware River most summer weekends zipping through rapids in her colorful kayak.

You can see more of Kendall’s published work here and here.