Best Felling Axes in 2020

Fell Trees with Ease with These 7 Axes If you’re going to be felling trees – not just splitting dried logs or rounds of wood, making kindling for a fire, or cutting off branches – you need to choose the right type of axe for it. Felling axes need to have a thin profile for … Read more

Cold Steel Norse Hawk Review

If you’re looking for a lightweight axe with a traditional Viking design that is good value for the money (affordable), the Cold Steel Norse Hawk is probably one of the top five you should consider. Cold Steel has a wide range of tools and the Norse Hawk is one of their most popular products. This … Read more

Viking Axes and Their History – 2020

Guide to Viking Axes and Their History Vikings are often pictured clutching larger or smaller axes, looking threatening and wild with them in their hands. An indeed axes were an essential part of a Viking’s life. Not just as weapons, but as tools they simply couldn’t do without in their daily lives. An axe was … Read more

How to Use a Drawknife

traditional woodworking drawking

A drawknife is a traditional hand tool for woodworking which shapes wood by removing shavings. It is a slightly curved blade with handles on both ends and it’s pulled or drawn to the user, which is why it’s called a drawknife. With most blades or knives, you push the tool away from you, however, with … Read more

Hults Bruk Kalix review

Hults Bruk Kalix felling axe review The Hults Bruk Kalix felling axe is a compact felling axe, and in this review I’ll be taking an in-depth look at it. It has a mean bite and will make short work of small and medium-sized trees. And, thanks to its compact size, it’s easy enough to carry … Read more

Best Axe Sharpening Stone

Best Axe Sharpening Stone – 2019 Buyer’s Guide When you have an axe or hatchet, you need only one other thing – a sharpening stone for that axe that’ll keep a fine cutting edge on it. A dull axe won’t cut, but a good sharpening stone will take care of that in short order. This … Read more

The Classic and Modern Nessmuk Trio – an Axe and Two Knives

The term Nessmuk trio refers to a double-bit hatchet, a fixed-blade knife, and a folding knife carried on the bushcrafting expeditions of George Washington Sears, who published stories of his adventures under the pen name “Nessmuk.” Many outdoorsmen, especially those who take an interest in the history of bushcrafting, have heard of the Nessmuk trio. … Read more