Poleaxe vs Halberd – the Definitive Guide

Poleaxe vs Halberd – the Definitive Guide Poleaxes and halberds are both weapons with long and rich histories. They were used for hundreds of years on battlefields and even stayed relevant for decades after gunpowder and guns came into use. There are good reasons for that – both weapons were versatile and were used for … Read more

Best Splitting Maul

Best Wood Splitting Mauls With the coming of fall and the winter heating season rapidly approaching, plenty of people with fireplaces or wood stoves are thinking about splitting firewood for the winter. Or maybe you work with big logs and need something to split those up into more manageable pieces. In any case, you’re looking … Read more

Fiskars Isocore Maul Review

Fiskars Pro Isocore Splitting Maul Review The Fiskars Pro Isocore splitting maul is a beast of a maul which comes in two models – the 6-pound and the 8-pound one. Design-wise they’re both the same, with 36-inch handles, but one has a lighter head than the other. The Fiskars Isocore maul has a patented shock-absorbing … Read more