The Classic and Modern Nessmuk Trio – an Axe and Two Knives

The term Nessmuk trio refers to a double-bit hatchet, a fixed-blade knife, and a folding knife carried on the bushcrafting expeditions of George Washington Sears, who published stories of his adventures under the pen name “Nessmuk.” Many outdoorsmen, especially those who take an interest in the history of bushcrafting, have heard of the Nessmuk trio. … Read more

Gerber Freescape Hatchet Review

Gerber 17.5 inch Freescape hatchet review

Gerber are an Oregon-based maker of hand tools and outdoors equipment. This post is a review of the Gerber Freescape hatchet, a 17.5-inch axe with a composite handle and solid construction. It has a sleek black PTFE coating on the axehead to reduce friction and prevent it from getting stuck in wood. This makes chopping … Read more